Q&A With 2009 Recruit Mike Loftus

Q&A With 2009 Recruit Mike Loftus

Currently playing for the Junior National Team, Mike Loftus won't hit the Hilltop for another week or so. On Thursday, PonyStampede.com went 1-on-1 with the highly rated kicker to see how things were going. If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

Mr. Loftus is very hard to get a hold of. This interview was conducted through the power of email.

Why did you like about SMU?

"Area surrounding the school, the business school, the fact it's in a big city, and the new coaching staff."

What are your thoughts of kicking someday for June Jones and his high powered offense?

"I'm really excited about getting a lot of chances to showcase what I do best."

Are you planning on hitting a game or two this fall?

"I want to try and fly out for a game if I get the opportunity. I can't wait to play there." How hard will the layoff be for you?

"At first the layoff was tough on me mentally, but I pushed past that and now I'm going to take advantage of it and train for five months and refine my skills. When I get more refined, I want to try to come into the spring and compete. It will also be a good transition because I want to do some traveling and I have never had time to do so. So no, the layoff won't be tough on me."

Do you think that you will get rusty?

"I definitely won't get rusty if anything, I will be better than I ever have been. Playing on the junior national team has been an opportunity to work on my skills in a game so I think I will stay sharp."

Have you talked to many guys on the team yet?

"I have only been in touch with three other guys, JR McConico, Kyle Padron and Sterling Moore."

What has it been like playing for the Junior National Team?

"It has been a long three weeks because I have never been to Ohio, but it has been really fun. The guys on the team are really cool and it's good to hang out with guys from all over the country. It's also an honor to represent this great country and my family. It has been a great experience so far."

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