NEW 2010 OFFER: Randy Knust

NEW 2010 OFFER: Randy Knust

To get an offer to play in a college spread offense is many high school wide receivers' dream. That dream became a reality this week for 6-2, 190 pound, Randy Knust of the Woodlands. SMU has an extended an offer! How interested is he? Do the Mustangs make his top schools at the moment? Find out the answers for free, plus check out his junior highlights inside!

To get an offer to play in a college spread offense is many high school wide receivers' dream. That dream became a reality this week for 6-2.5, 190 pound, Randy Knust of the Woodlands.

"I'm very excited about it. I really was not expecting it what so ever. When I got it in the mail I was just overjoyed," stated Knust to "I wanted to get an offer. I have heard it's a great school, and I really like their coaches. It's a really great throwing team. I'm just really excited about it."

SMU is the junior's first offer, although he is hearing from Texas, LSU, Nebraska, Houston, and Texas A&M. Currently his top four consists the Mustangs, the Aggies, the Cornerhuskers, and the Tigers.

"I kind of want to get through the spring and see what my options are going into the summer. I really want to make a decision before my senior year. Right at the end of the summer," stated Knust. "I want to look at the schools and see what their offenses are like. I also want to see if they have a lot of young wide receivers on the team. I will just look at stuff like that and evaluate things a bit."

So will the Highlanders' star be heading to the Hilltop this spring to check out a practice?

"I really want to go up there and talk with the head coach. I would really like to hit a practice, but I have to check my schedule. I don't know if I can right now, but if I can find a day I will definitely go up there," said Knust. "SMU's offense is a wide receiver's dream. All I have heard about June Jones is how much he throws the ball. As a wide receiver, you have to love that. I would love to play in an offense like that."

Currently the 2010 recruit benches 245 pounds and squats 345. The last time he had the chance to run the forty, he was injured, but will be running it within the next month. His current fastest time is a 4.5.

"There is always stuff to work on. If someone says there isn't, they are lying. I want to do everything: get faster, get bigger, get stronger, and catch the ball better," said Knust. "If I had to pick one main point, I would say get stronger and bigger. I want to gain about another 10 pounds."

To be a great wide receiver at the college level you have to be confident. You have to have a swagger. How would Knust describe himself as a wide receiver?

"I would just say if I go deep, I feel like I can run past any cornerback. If you throw the ball up to me, I can go over anybody to catch it," said Knust. "I think that I'm pretty quick and have good route running ability. I think that I'm a better deep guy personally. If you throw it deep to me, I'm going to jump up and get it." will have more Randy Knust updates as they become available. Stay tuned! Recommended Stories